Robyn started her SS21 collection thinking about cycling, inspired by Taz Darling’s photographs of the Tour de Ireland in 2008. This led her to think about the sponsorship logos printed on cycling jerseys and our obsession with branding. To play with this, she took the logos of the companies on the Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin, all of which have helped Robyn since she started her BA in 2011.

To Robyn, they’re like her sponsors. The logos from the industrial estate include Pearl Deli, run by Robyn’s family; David Thomas Design, which lent Robyn her first ever sewing machine; Franey Hardwood Products, who built a display stand for Robyn’s BA in 2016, and Baldoyle Print, which still prints all of Robyn’s linesheets and lookbooks.

To show the collection, one of Taz Darling’s photographs served as backdrop for a film shot by Danyal Fox. It’s mixed with footage from the Baldoyle industrial estate, shot especially by Robyn’s dad.

Credits :
Director - Robyn Lynch
Co/director - Michael Lynch
Cinematography - Danyal Fox
Grading - Alex Magill
Backdrop Photography - Taz Darling
Music featured by Kouslin
Styling - Ben Schofield
Casting - Emma Matell
Makeup - Kristina Ralph Andrews
Hair - Christopher Gatt
Lookbook Photography - Andrew Nuding
Show notes - Charlie Porter