Until budget airlines existed, most Irish kids spent summer in Ireland. Everyone went seaside holiday camps: chalets, outdoor swimming pools, talent shows, the best laughs. It's in this specific world - the camaraderie, the rites of passage, the particular style - that ROBYN has mined for a study of pleasure before the filters of social media.

Towelling T-shirts and shorts are there to be thrown on, the T-shirts with the collection's logo ROBYN HOLIDAY CENTRE 2020. Knits are sliced into hybrids with nylon, like chunky cable-knit sweater morphed with nylon matches, or a grandad cardigan spliced with nylon panels. Ventille waterproofs are ready for the reality of the Irish summer. .Nylon shirts are oversized yet with cropped sleeves.

Logo bags are from the era when carry-on was first introduced. Sandals are by DR MARTENS, while goggle sunglasses are made in collaboration with TD KENT.


Styling: Ben Schofield
Casting: Piotr Chamier
Make up: Terry Barber and the M.A.C Pro Team
Hair: Shiori Takahasi @ Streeters London
Shoes: Dr Martens
Sunglasses: T D Kent x Robyn Lynch
Music: Dan Beaumont Chapter 10
Words: Charlie Porter
Studio Team: Michelle Woong, Jamie Manley, Shiela Pitros, Kristina Finlay, Dougie Lynch, Gary Dicker.