ROBYN LYNCH celebrates her first stand-alone presentation with a collection that creates narrative through cut, contrast and silhouette. For autumn/winter 2020, ROBYN spent time on Inis Oirr, an Irish island with a population of 260. There, she saw how clothing connects generations, a splicing of styles that brings together a community.

ROBYN creates a print inspired by Aertel, the Irish Teletext channel. Teletext is a pre-internet information service run through the TV, showing just how quickly our way of telling stories has changed. ROBYN uses the print on cotton jersey long-sleeves, as well as Lycra long-sleeves inspired by the story of the Irish bobsleigh team.

Styling: Ben Schofield
Casting: Lyly Bui for Piotr Chamier Casting
Photography: Thérèse Rafter
Make Up: Mona Leanne at the Wall Group
Hair: Shiori Takahasi at Streeters
Shoes: New Balance
Music in video : Kouslin
Shownotes: Charlie Porter
First video on top of page: Spencer Young